What we do 




 Tecneira's activity covers the entire value chain concerning RENEWABLE PROJECTS, including wind and solar: development, construction and operation. Tecneira's team works in an integrated manner, in order to identify safe and profitable opportunities, with reduced risk.

The development phase begins with the identification of a favorable legislative framework or the identification of public and private tenders.

The implementation of the project begins by finding a place with important renewable resources, as well as the appropriate technical characteristics and network connection possibilities. The acquisition of land rights is then negotiated with the owners.

With the verification of initial conditions, environment, resource and land, project development starts by licensing the electrical, municipal and environmental aspects.

After completion of the initial licensing, which is to obtain the Production, Building and Environmental Licenses, project construction begins.

Vehicle companies connected to the project are usually financed by equity and bank financing. Tecneira's team, supported by ProCME Group, has extensive experience in the structuring of financial models, identifying technical solutions that optimize the profitability of projects,as well as the monitoring of due diligence and financial close.

The construction involves the procurement of the equipment best suited to each project, as well as the construction, electrical facilities and complementary services (topography, geotechnical, transportation, cranes) companies that are more specialized in the sector; all this is done to ensure project quality and profitability over the 25 year lifespan of the project.

At this stage Tecneira holds high-experience in contract negotiation, in order to obtain the best price and all due technical and contractual guarantees. The team monitors and supervises all the works, ensuring design, budget, deadlines, and issuing periodic reports.

In the operation phase, still as owner of the power producing installation, Tecneira ensures O&M through a ProCME Group company that operates for many market players. During the operation stage Tecneira ensures preventive and corrective maintenance of the plants, aiming to optimise and to maximize project results and to ensure its longevity.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the development, construction and renewable projects in operation, as a shareholder, Tecneira bets on providing consulting services to other market players, considering the team's competences as an added value to their projects.

Tecneira also operates in the ENERGY EFFICIENCY sector, in order to follow the market trends and energy policies, as well as to ensure their potential customers an integrated solution.

In this area it is possible to identify and measure consumption, further analysing energy efficiency measures to be implemented, which may include power generation projects from renewable sources, leading to savings for the customer.