Energy Efficiency 


ENERGY EFFICIENCY is the new paradigm at the energy level, the major bet in terms of energy policy, in addition to renewable energies that have been promoted in recent years. Energy Efficiency is the relationship between what we produce and the energy spent in the process. The goal is to optimize energy consumption, without sacrificing product quality or comfort. Energy encompasses all forms of energy: electricity, fuel, steam, heat and air, including renewable energy.

In this area Tecneira, through the Group's Effect brand, provides the following services:

. Energy Audit in the SGCIE (Management System of Intensive Energy Consumption)

. Energy Audit and Energy Building Certification under the SCE (Building Energy Certification System)

. Analysis and implementation of energy production systems from renewable sources (Small Farmhouse consumption and production)

. Analysis and implementation of energy storage solutions (batteries)

. Projects applying for incentives (Portugal 2020)




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