Na Vanguarda


Tecneira's activity is focused on the following areas of renewable energy:

                 . wind power;
                 . solar;
                 . water;
                 . biomass.

Tecneira ensures all renewable energy projects cycle, being responsible for the following activities:

. Promotion - identification, analysis, evaluation, planning and development projects

Tecneira emphasises highly on promoting projects and business development; its technical team is able to identify and analyse opportunities, particularly in terms of participation in public tenders and development projects in greenfield and brownfield.

. Licensing - Implementation and management of the licensing process: electrical, environmental and municipal

The licensing phase is crucial to the development of projects, and sometimes too detailed and time consuming. Tecneira has the know-how in terms of licensing renewable energy projects, acquired over years of activity. Our team's expertise allows for the execution and management of the electrical, environmental and municipal licensing processes.

. Financing - Structuring and mounting project finance funding scheme

Tecneira's team, supported by ProCME Group, brings together the skills and experience necessary for economic and financial analysis of projects, conducting road shows, due diligence, project finance and financing closure.

. Construction - management and supervision of the work, follow-up tests and trials

Tecneira's high experience allows you to perform management and supervision of construction works and the follow-up tests and trials, ensuring coordination between the various suppliers, compliance with the budget and compliance with deadlines.

. Exploration - Maintenance management and production / billing

Tecneira ensures the management of its assets, managing the operation, maintenance and production / billing of energy producing centers. Operation and maintenance are performed by a team integrating ProCME Group. Proper management of assets,  by both the technical and the financial teams, allows for the optimization of the performance of energy-producing centers by optimizing energy production and by reducing operation and maintenance costs. Thus, there is maximization of economic, financial and environmental outcomes of projects in the exploration phase.

. Consulting - Technical consultancy within renewable energy projects

The expertise and experience gained by the technical team in the development of Tecneira projects allow the provision of technical advisory services and project management in the context of renewable energy projects, supporting others in the industry.


Tecneira vertically integrates all stages of implementation, through a demanding Project Management system, covering:

. resource management;

. contract management (suppliers, designers);

. institutional contacts (General Directorate for Energy, municipalities, licensors);

. monitoring and supervision of implementation.


The promotion and development of new projects is paramount in Tecneira's activity, so the company has planned the following projects:

. Photovoltaic Elvas I and II (19 MW - mini-hydro conversion photovoltaic)

. Rio Maior Biomass Plant (9 MW)

. Viseu Biomass Plant (5 MW)

. Inhambane Wind Farm (30 MW - Mozambique)