Quality, Safety and Environment 



The ProCME Group Policy contains the commitments made at the highest level within the Group, towards Quality, Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work and the Environment, and the guiding principles that should guide our employees, at all hierarchical levels in their daily activities, with the objective of anticipating and satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients, prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases and preventing pollution, protecting biodiversity.

The Group has defined, corporately and in addition to the policy, a set of manuals and procedures associated with the Integrated Management System (IMS), that intends to  implement in all its companies, and that has been certified (as required by the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001), in Portugal and abroad, maintaining a strategy and mode of operation that is common and that ensures a structured approach, based on the sharing of knowledge and best practices and corporate culture.

Coordination of the implementation of the corporate system is carried out by the Quality, Safety and Environment Management, that counts with a support unit for the implementation of the IMS within the Group companies, composed by a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team which is also responsible for the performance of audits (for conformity assessment with the reference standards and with the legislation and other applicable regulations) and for performance monitoring in these areas (by monitoring of indicators such as customer satisfaction and complaints, work accidents, waste production and treatment, energy consumptions or gas emissions).

Audits and assessment allow a comprehensive management of data and the definition of structuring actions that help the group to continually improve its methods and processes.