About Tecneira 


Quem somos

Tecneira is PROCME Group's reference company for the renewable energy sector. Dedicated to the exploitation of renewable resources for energy production and commercialization. With the acquisition of licenses for the installation of its first windfarms and the creation of corresponding vehicle companies, Tecneira Group was incorporated and currently has subsidiaries in several countries.

The activity of the Group is the promotion, licensing, construction and operation of energy production projects from renewable energy sources.

Tecneira was founded in 2000 and has installed - to date - 232 MW in the wind sector and 13.5 MW in the solar sector. The Group is currently developing two hydro plants and two biomass plants. Each project is managed by a vehicle company that develops the chain of value associated with it.

According to the internationalization strategy of ProCME Group Tecneira is present in several countries, operating photovoltaic and biomass plants as well as windfarms.