Corporate Social Responsibility 


At ProCME Group we want to contribute to sustainable development through the implementation of policies and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility. We have already implement and obtained the ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) certifications in our key businesses in Portugal and abroad, and we are certified by SA8000 - International Social Responsibility certification - in Portugal.

The ProCME Group policy contains the commitments undertaken at the highest level by the Group in terms of Social Responsibility, within our sphere of influence, and the guiding principles that should guide employees at all levels, in their daily activities, with the purpose of ensuring the quality of life of our employees and of those who interact with us.

The Code of Ethics of the ProCME Group, constituted by the values and commitments of the Group, defines a set of guiding criteria to ensure ethical behavior and attitudes on the part of members of the Group companies.

To whom report infractions and / or concerns within the scope of the Code of Ethics and / or requirements of SA8000:



Employees representative for SA8000 - Gabriela Carmelo Rosa


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